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Anthony Pullen
Assistant Professor of Physics
Ph. D. 2011, California Institute of Technology
B.S., Southern University and A&M College
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Email:Anthony.Pullen AT
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My work covers the study of the large-scale structure of the universe, broadly in the areas of cosmology and galaxy evolution. Much of my time is spent thinking about what we can learn from line intensity mapping (LIM), which maps the aggregate emission from galaxies and can probe both galactic astrophysics as well as cosmic phenomena such as dark energy, gravity, and inflation. An upcoming LIM survey for which I am the science lead is EXCLAIM, which will probe star formation over cosmic time. I am also interested in probes of cosmology using bright galaxy surveys and maps of secondary perturbations of the cosmic microwave background CMB, in particular CMB lensing. My work mostly requires numerical methods and data analysis techniques, and I am pleased to perform this work with a talented team of graduate students and postdocs.
Selected Publications:

A new probe of the high-redshift Universe: nulling CMB lensing with interloper-free LIM-pair lensing, A. Maniyar, E. Schaan, and A. Pullen, Phys. Rev. D 105, 083509 2022,

Multitracer cosmological line intensity mapping mock lightcone simulation, S. Yang, R. Somerville, A. Pullen, G. Popping, P. Breysse, and A. Maniyar, AJ 911, 132 2021,

Testing general relativity on cosmological scales at redshift z ~ 1.5 with quasar and CMB lensing, Y. Zhang, A. Pullen, S. Alam, S. Singh, et al., MNRAS 501, 1013 2021,

Evidence for CII diffuse line emission at redshift Z ~ 2.6, S. Yang, A. Pullen, and E. Switzer, MNRAS Letters 489, L53 2019,