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Anthony Pullen
Assistant Professor of Physics
Ph. D. 2011, California Institute of Technology
B.S., Southern University and A&M College
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Email:Anthony.Pullen AT
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My research seeks to discover the physics of cosmic inflation and cosmic acceleration by predicting and measuring their signatures in cosmological surveys. I have used data from both cosmic microwave background surveys and galaxy surveys to find new ways to combine multiple datasets, in order to break degeneracies between various properties of our universe. Much of my work has also helped motivate the use of intensity mapping, a new probe of large-scale structure in which emission of the 21-cm line from neutral hydrogen as well as other spectral lines is mapped across the sky at very high redshifts, allowing cosmologists to fill in the evolutionary gap between the early and late universe.
Selected Publications:

A. Pullen, S. Alam, S. He, and S. Ho, 2015, Constraining Gravity at the Largest Scales through CMB Lensing and Galaxy Velocities, accepted for publication in MNRAS,

A. Pullen, C. Hirata, O. Dore, and A. Raccanelli, Feb. 2016, Interloper bias in future large-scale structure measurements, PASP, vol. 68, issue 1, pg. 12:1-22,

A. Pullen, S. Alam, and S. Ho, June 2015, Probing gravity at large scales through CMB lensing, MNRAS, vol. 449, issue 4, pg. 4326-4335,

A. Pullen, O. Dore, and J. Bock, May 2014, Intensity mapping across cosmic times with the Lyman-alpha line, ApJ, vol. 786, issue 2, pg. 111-126,

A. Pullen, O. Dore, T.-C. Chang, and A. Lidz, May 2013, Cross-correlations as a cosmological carbon monoxide detector, ApJ, vol. 768, issue 1, pg. 15-29,