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Tyler Pritchard
Postdoctoral Associate
Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University
B.S, The University of California Berkeley
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Phone:(212) 998-7830
Email:tp1632 AT
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CCPP Advisor:Maryam Modjaz
My primary research interests are Time-Domain Explosive Transients studies and identification and classification methods in the era of big data where I use multi- wavelength observations of astronomical transients to understand their progenitors, and often times extreme physics, that drive them. With astronomical data growing increasingly large, it has also become increasingly important to develop new tools and techniques to detect and classify transients so that we may discover the rare or unusual events that allow us to gain new insights. My current and previous research has included: Fast Evolving Transients and progenitors of stripped-envelope supernovae, Fast, or early, transients & multi-messenger astrophysics with the Deeper Wider Faster DWF program, High-Redshift Superluminous Supernovae and hosts with Survey Using DECam for Superluminous Supernovae SUDSS program, and UV properties of core-collapse supernovae with the Swift satellite