Personal Information

Yifan Wang
Assistant Professor of Physics
Ph.D. in Physics 2016, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
B.Sc. in Mathematics and Physics 2010, University of Toronto
Contact Information
Phone:(212) 998-7732
Email:yw6417 AT
My research focuses on non-perturbative aspects of quantum field theory and string theory, with applications to the dynamics of strongly coupled quantum systems that arise in both high energy and condensed matter physics. One central theme of my research program is to explore the power of symmetries, by identifying generalized symmetry principles and anomalies with ideas from mathematics, as well as constraining and solving strongly coupled theories with non-perturbative tools such as conformal bootstrap and supersymmetry. More recently, I am working on fundamental properties of extended defect operators in quantum field theory.
Selected Publications:

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R. Thorngren and Y. Wang, “Fusion Category Symmetry II: Categoriosities at c = 1 and Beyond”, arXiv:2106.12577.

Y. Wang, “Surface Defect, Anomalies and b-Extremization”, arXiv:2012.06574.

S. Komatsu and Y. Wang, “Non-perturbative defect one-point functions in planar N = 4 super-Yang-Mills”, Nucl. Phys. B 958 2020 115120, arXiv:2004.09514.

Y. Wang, “Taming defects in N = 4 super-Yang-Mills”, JHEP 08 2020, no. 08 021, arXiv:2003.11016.

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