Personal Information

Ken Van Tilburg
Assistant Professor of Physics
Ph.D. Physics, Stanford University, 2011--2016.
B.Sc. Physics & Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2007--2011.
Contact Information
Email:kenvt AT
The primary aim of my research is to develop novel experimental and observational methods and theoretical approaches in the search for physics beyond the Standard Model of particle physics. I have pioneered several techniques to search for weakly-coupled phenomena---including dark matter---in the laboratory, at the precision frontier of atomic, molecular, optical, and electro-mechanical physics. I have charted out new observables and processes to search for dark matter and other weakly coupled particles in the extreme conditions of astrophysical systems and early-Universe cosmology. My research interests cover a broad range of subjects in particle physics phenomenology and theory, interfacing between precision experimental physics, astrophysics, and cosmology.
Selected Publications:

K. Van Tilburg, "Stellar Basins of Gravitationally Bound Particles", arXiv:2006.12431 [hep-ph].

C. Mondino, A. M. Taki, K. Van Tilburg, N. Weiner, "First Results on Dark Matter Substructure from Astrometric Weak Lensing", arXiv:2002.01938 [astro-ph.CO].

A. Arvanitaki, S. Dimopoulos, M. Galanis, L. Lehner, J. O. Thompson, K. Van Tilburg, "The Large-Misalignment Mechanism for the Formation of Compact Axion Structures: Signatures from the QCD Axion to Fuzzy Dark Matter", Phys. Rev. D 101, 083014 2020, arXiv:1909.11665 [astro-ph.CO].

K. Van Tilburg, A. M. Taki, N. Weiner, "Halometry from Astrometry", JCAP 1807, 041 2018, arXiv:1804.01991 [astro-ph.CO].

A. Arvanitaki, S. Dimopoulos, K. Van Tilburg, "Resonant Absorption of Bosonic Dark Matter in Molecules", Phys. Rev. X 8, 041001 2018, arXiv:1709.05354 [hep-ph].

A. Arvanitaki, S. Dimopoulos, V. Gorbenko, J. Huang, K. Van Tilburg, "A Small Weak Scale from a Small Cosmological Constant", JHEP 1705, 071 2017, arXiv:1609.06320 [hep-ph].

A. Arvanitaki, S. Dimopoulos and K. Van Tilburg, "Sound of Dark Matter: Searching for Light Scalars with Resonant-Mass Detectors", Phys. Rev. Lett. 116, 031102 2016, arXiv:1508.01798 [hep-ph].

K. Van Tilburg, N. Leefer, L. Bougas, D. Budker, "Search for Ultralight Scalar Dark Matter with Atomic Spectroscopy", Phys. Rev. Lett. 115 011802 2015, arXiv:1503.06886 [physics.atom-ph].

M. Baryakhtar, N. Craig, K. Van Tilburg, "Supersymmetry in the Shadow of Photini", JHEP 1207, 164 2012, arXiv:1206.0751 [hep-ph].

J. Thaler, K. Van Tilburg, "Identifying Boosted Objects with N-subjettiness", JHEP 1103, 015 2011, arXiv:1011.2268 [hep-ph].