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Roman Scoccimarro
Professor of Physics
Ph.D. 1996 University of Chicago
Theoretical Cosmology, Large Scale Structure of the Universe, Gravitational Clustering, Primordial Fluctuations
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Phone:(212) 992-8786
Email:rs123 AT
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My research interests concentrate on studying the large-scale structure of the universe as determined by different probes, such as the clustering of galaxies, weak gravitational lensing and other deep surveys.

The goal is to understand the nature of primordial fluctuations (hopefully shedding light on the physics of inflation), the source of the observed acceleration of the universe (dark energy or modifications of general relativity), and the relation between the dark matter and the galaxy distribution (to learn about galaxy formation).

Selected Publications:

1. Probing Newton's constant on vast scales: DGP gravity, cosmic acceleration, and large scale structure. A. Lue, R.S. & G. Starkman, Phys. Rev. D69, 124015 (2004).

2. Redshift-space distortions, pairwise velocities, and nonlinearities. R.S., Phys. Rev. D70, 083007 (2004).

3. Differentiating between modified gravity and dark energy. A. Lue, R.S. & G. Starkman, Phys. Rev. D69, 044005 (2004).

4. PTHalos: A fast method for generating mock galaxy distributions. R.S. & Ravi Sheth, MNRAS, 329, 629 (2002).

5. Constraints on Galaxy Bias, Omega_m, and Primordial Non-Gaussianity from the PSCz Survey Bispectrum. H. Feldman, J. Frieman, J.N. Fry, & R.S., Phys.Rev.Lett 86, 1434 (2001).

6. How Many Galaxies Fit in a Halo? Constraints on Galaxy Formation Efficiency from Spatial Clustering. R.S., R. Sheth, L. Hui, B. Jain, ApJ 546, 20 (2001).

Power Spectrum Correlations Induced by Non-Linear Clustering. R.S., M. Zaldarriaga & L. Hui, Ap.J. 527, 1 (1999). The Impact of Inhomogeneous Reionization on Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropy. L. Knox, R.S., & S. Dodelson, Phys.Rev.Lett., 81, 2004 (1998).